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The impressive Alhambra
Hidden treasures

Here you can find several sub pages that may be interesting, too but which have nothing to do with photography.

A board game

For the popular German board game "Die Siedler von Catan (Settlers of Catan)" I created a 3D-board, a box and lots of small pieces. Have a closer look at the development (lots of images, but description just in German)

Vocabulary trainer v0.7

[ Download ]
A small and slim vocabulary trainer for learning up to four languages simultaneously.

Conquest of Runes - Real Time Strategy Game

[ Download ] (16 MB)
Project at the university; With Martin Bartmann, Jennifer Bergsch, Armin Gardyan, Christoph Heuser and Denis Röthig.
Own GUI but including game graphics from Reiner's Tilesets.