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Santiago de Compostella and more
Summer impressions from North Spain
Sunup in Santander

Welcome to martinkuehn.eu!

Here you will find a vast number of photos of diverse categories, taken by me over the last years. I hope you will like them and if you are interested in using any of the pictures, please contact me. For finding photos for any special purpose I implemented several filtering techniques.

So actually the only thing that remains to be said: Have fun regarding the photos!

Latest news

2017-10-17: Santiago de Compostella and more

I just uploaded pictures from Santiago and other places from Nothern Spain; see


2017-10-08: Summer impressions from North Spain

See my latest impressions from summer in North Spain:


2017-08-11: Sunup in Santander

See the impressive pictures from the sun up in Santander.

2017-07-27: Toro

After 10 years, I've been back to Toro; at least for one day:


2017-07-16: Pics from Madrid

See my pictures from my last year's trip to Spain and Portugal. It starts in Madrid:


2017-06-19: Nightly impressions from Cologne (B&W)

See my most recent impressions from nightly Cologne in black and white:

Nightly Impressions from Cologne

2017-06-13: Still life and more

See the new photos at photos.martinkuehn.eu.

2017-05-07: Tulips !

The ultimate series of spring flowers can now be found under:


2017-05-01: Daffodils

Here: photos.martinkuehn.eu

2017-04-23: Spring flowers #4

See photos.martinkuehn.eu